Spiritual Awakenings


Are you waking up? Welcome to the the club. Every single day a new Soul wakes up and gets ready to take his or her place among the rest who have already Awoken so that we can get ready for the new life we will live after the Mass Awakening. How are you handling the changes? 


Learn about the Awakening Process and get other information you need to find your way on this Journey. See my Blog for Answers.

Trying To Experience Your Awakening?

The process can be intimidating and can take a lot of time if you are not sure what you need to do. An Awakening is a natural process for all of us but the information has been kept secret for many years. 

If you are having trouble it might be because you are trying to use general Awakening techniques. There are different kinds of souls who incarnate and sometimes knowing who you really are can help the process. 

Are you an Indigo, a Starseed, a Light Worker, a Crystal, a Rainbow, an Earth Angel, Walk In, Wanderer, or an Empath? What kind of Soul you are can make a difference in your Awakening Process.

Third Eye Awakening Courses - One on One Mentor Program- Automated Education


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I accept 10 Clients each year to Guide through the Awakening process. My program is for people who are ready for the entire process, not just the fun stuff. This is not a class, this is a Spiritual Awakening Journey with a Mentor. Prices Listed.

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30 Day Third EYe Opening Session

A crash course that concentrates on Awakening the Third Eye only with no spiritual counseling. Quick & effective course is on sale until July 31st 2018. 50% off at only $500.00

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