TPF Spiritual Services


TPF Spiritual Services is like a One-Stop-Shopping Center for your Spiritual needs.

We offer Psychic Readings with a Professional Medium, Spiritual Awakening Courses, Energetic Healing Sessions, and other types of Energy Work including Wealth Block Removal, and Karmic Debt Balancing. We are highly trained professionals who love what we do, which is helping others live the best life they can and achieving peace within this life.


Professional Medium Services

We offer Psychic Consultations from a highly trained Medium who will take the time to answer your questions and offer you the clarity and help you make the big decisions in your life. Imagine having two choices and knowing the outcome to both before you decide. We can offer you that and more.

We offer several packages to fit your needs, including our new Text Service!!!

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Spiritual Counseling Services

Are you Awakening and have questions? Do you need Guidance with your Spirituality but don't need a full time Spiritual Coach?  Or maybe you do want an experienced full time Mentor? We offer all types of Spiritual Counseling Services including Guided Meditations and Hypnotherapy Sessions. 

Check out our Spiritual Counseling Packages and make the most of your Soiritual Awakening.

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Energy Work Services

Energy Work is our Specialty.  Healing and Blockage Removals are our most popular Services.  We offer Energetic Healing from a  Certified and highly trained Professional,  Chakra cleansing and balancing, as well as the Successful Life Treatment our own version of the popular Abundance Block and  a Karmic Debt Balancing combined.  Our goal is to get your Energy in the right balance to give you the best life possible. 



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"My life has changed dramatically since my session.  A week after my Successful Life Session my business really finally took off and I got 4 Clients! I made more in that one week than I did in 6 months at my old job. I can't thank you enough! 

— Joe Stoneridge


Life can be better

Book and appointment to speak with a Spiritual Counselor today and get the help you need with any Spiritual issue you are having. We offer Readings, Healing, Counseling and more. We offer standard and custom packages.  .