30 Day Spiritual Boot Camp


Boot Camp is an Intense Spiritual Journey with a new Lesson Daily!


Join Today for a Special Course designed to empower you with everything you need to know about yourself and your Life Purpose. Find out the reasons and meanings behind the words and get a complete understanding of how this whole Spirituality thing works. 

I have combined my very best material and lessons to create this very short and intense Course designed for anyone who wants to explore and embrace their Spiritual side. 

Learn how to live in peace with your Spirituality and know what to expect along the way so you can be prepared a bit better for the process.

Learn how to avoid catastrophic Spiritual Depression symptoms. It's real and it's painful, but it must be done. Many people don't even realize that it's happening until they are already deep into it. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes people make with overcoming Spiritual Depression. It does not have to send your life spiraling out of control if you are using these helpful solutions.

Each week all Participants will get a personal Spiritual Counseling Session. I am a highly experienced Certified Spiritual Counselor who has seen & heard it all. I can offer insight and solutions that can help your Journey be much more pleasant and beneficial to you.

Are you an Empath? If so you need to know how the Empath is meant to use their ability. You are not meant to keep what you absorb.

I have put together this fast paced and intense interactive course designed to get you informed and on the right track. 


So far, I have never had any unhappy Clients in any of my courses and while this is the first time I have offered Spiritual Boot Camp, I know it is going to be an amazing experience for it's Participants just like my other courses have been. And the price is much lower than my standard packages.

This course also includes the cost of your supplies! They will be sent directly to you after purchase so you will be prepared with everything you need.



At the end of Boot Camp you will have experienced an amazing transformation

  • Learn how to contact your Guides, Angels, and your entire Spiritual Team
  • Learn the most effective Mind Clearing Techniques
  • Find out your personal Spiritual Path
  • Learn your exact Soul Type and find out what your mission for this life is.
  • Learn how to change your life through the power of Positive Energy
  • Learn the most effective Meditation Techniques and Methods
  • Learn how to progress your Awakening at a much faster rate
  • Experience a special Self Hypnotherapy technique designed to heal your mind and dissolve the Ego. 
  • Learn the power of Crystal Therapy and learn how to properly use Spiritual Tools (They are included in the price and I will send them directly to your door!)
  • Get a copy of my brand new book, Handbook for the Recently Awakened.
  • Daily Lessons on how to Change your life for the better and Awaken your Spirit to take your rightful place among the rest of the Elite Spiritual Troops.
  • Learn how to decode your Dreams and find answers to your life and messages from Loved Ones & your Spirit Team.
  • Learn how to properly use your Intuition for much better accuracy.
  • Empath Education- Learn how to use this ability to your advantage and how to live as an Empath is meant to live. It's not the curse we think it is!
  • Learn how to balance your Karmic Debt
  • and so much more


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