Michelle Fisher Professional Medium

Michelle Fisher Professional Medium

I am a Certified Psychic Medium who studies Astral Experiences and Dream Interpretation as well as Energy Healing. Over the years I have become an expert in the field of Energy Work and Astral Phenomenon

I am a legally Ordained Spiritual Minister, a Certified Energy Healer, a Certified Psychic Medium, and a Certified Life Coach and I have worked as a Psychic Hotline Operator for the past several years on & off.

I have also worked independently as a Psychic Medium for the past few years and have even worked as a psychic consultant on a Missing Persons investigation. 

I am an all-around Psychic Medium & Healer who can help in most any area including Love, Relationships, Family, Career, Pets, Angels, Guides, Dreams, Messages from Spirit, Energy Work, Hauntings, Psychic Attack Removal, Missing Persons and other areas in life where Psychic Consultation may be needed. If I had to choose which of my abilities I like best it would be Energy Work. I love working with Energy and helping people Heal.

I like to use the pendulum, a crystal ball, crystals, and other tools as a means of clarity but most of my professional readings are without tools. I have been practicing Tarot for the last 2 years and while I love practicing I do not yet offer Tarot card readings at this time because it is just a hobby. I can however use the cards with my Readings for insight if the Client requests. 

I have a wonderful family that I wouldn’t trade for anything. My 3 grown Daughters, Tara, Mikayla & Megan and their men, 2 Granddaughters Gemini & Ellie, 1 Grandson Orion (Gemini’s Twin Brother), my Mom Elaine and my brother Jason & sister Vicki. and I love all things within nature. I have collected rocks & crystals forever and I create artwork out of natural items such as woods, rocks, crystals and anything useful I can find. I especially love making DIY home decor.

I am also a competitive Non GMO Gardener and I crossbreed Heirloom tomatoes as a hobby. I have also published several books on Amazon & Smashwords, including one about growing the perfect Tomato crops and maintaining a beautiful & healthy aquarium.

I am currently working on creating a self-sustaining mini farm complete with bee hives and orchards. I consider my aquariums to be my favorite hobby and I love creating nature themed aquariums with the big scary fish like Piranhas & Sharks but I would have to say that Oscars are my very favorite. 


I am Legally Ordained by the State of Ohio as a Non Denominational Minister and has a variety of Certifications that are available on request