15 Signs of an Awakening

If you suspect that you are in the process of an Awakening odds are pretty much guaranteed that you are having an Awakening. It’s more or less just a fact that people who are not experiencing an Awakening will never read an article about it so welcome to the group!

This is a list of the most common signs that you have started to Awaken

  • You have become bored with your “old life” and are looking for a change but can’t put your finger on just exactly what you want to change.

  • You start avoiding Negativity & Drama and just can’t be around it.

  • Your diet may have changed naturally without effort. You start craving more natural foods and can actually become intolerant of processed foods.

  • You may change views about Religion. Some take a new interest in it and others start feeling like religion is just an organization with no real meaning to God attached.

  • You develop a new curiosity about what happens after you die.

  • You may start to develop psychic abilities

  • You may experience Spiritual Depression and hit rock bottom before you start your new life over.

  • You develop the ability to see through lies and injustices.

  • You may take an interest in Aliens, Government cover-ups, and Near Death Experiences and lose interest in Politics.

  • You start to have a newfound love of Nature.

  • You may start experiencing intense vivid dreams that may come true.

  • You might start to change relationships. Many people will drift apart from relationships and friendships that do not serve their best interests and make new ones that are much more fulfilling

  • You start looking for information about what you are experiencing and become fascinated with the subject. Some people can become obsessive about it at times and have to keep themselves in line if they start getting in it too deep.

  • Some people go through a Hermit Stage, which is when you avoid public places if possible. Many people become so sensitive to the energies of those around them that they have anxiety attacks when they go around people.

  • You get an intense desire to learn lessons about life and start helping people with your newfound knowledge.

There are other signs and symptoms of an Awakening but these are the primary signs that are pretty much universal to the process but of course everyone is different. If you think you are going through an Awakening it’s best to get as much support as you can because it can be a very trying time in your life.

Look for groups for people who are going through the exact same thing as you, there are plenty out there. You can also consult a Psychic Medium or hire a Spiritual Life Coach to help you as both will be qualified to answer your questions and likely happy to help.

There are many techniques to help you feel better during the process. Mediation and Visualization will help you more than anything so give these things a try and you will often feel much better.


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