Identify Your Spirit Animal

Have you figured it out yet what your Spirit Animal is? When I was trying to figure out mine I had quite a time figuring it out. I tried to think of what in my life would have shown me at some point in time what my spirit animal could be.

I knew it wouldn’t be something common because for me it would have to be something exotic because I consider myself to be a bit different.

So one day recently I was on Facebook killing some time and reading in the Groups when I saw a post about Spirit Animals. I actually admitted on that post that I didn’t know. I mean, I had tried to figure it out before and it ended up not really being on my priority list anyway, it was more like a fun life fact to learn.

So after I made that post I sat there and cleared my mind and waited for an animal to pop in. but just like before, nothing. I asked my Guides hoping my Clairaudience might kick in and they would just tell me.. silence.. So I went on about my day.

That evening a cat I have never seen before just walked into my house. I had to laugh.. I knew exactly what was going on but I wasn’t laughing for long.

I have a small storage she outside, it’s about 15 feet long, 6 feet wide. Someone built it a long time ago and it’s old and falling down and unsafe to go inside and we haven’t got around to tearing it down yet. He went out to look in it for something and since we don’t go in it unless we have to it has been a while since we had been in it.

He went in and found another cat and her kittens which were definitely old enough to be weaned so they had been there quite some time and obviously since their birth.

So the day I asked the Universe what my Spirit Animal was I went from having no cats for over 20 years because I don’t like them, to having 5 of them in one day. all of them except the male that walked in my house appear to be wild and the male will only rarely allow contact when you feed him and is very skittish but of course I feed the little ingrates lol. I am trying to tame them so I can choose one to keep since the Universe sent them to me.

Life Tip:

When asking for signs please use caution because when asking the Universe, you are asking a Source that is able to manifest whatever it wants to and apparently the Universe does have a sense of humor.