What every Empath needs to know

The word Empath is a very common word these days and that is because there are so many worldwide and there always have been, long before we understood what an Empath was they have been here. If you suspect that you are an Empath then you probably are because your Intuition is your most accurate and honest guide and will always lead you down the right path.

So what exactly is an Empath?

An Empath is someone who Incarnated into their life as a Spiritual Worker who took on the job of absorbing the negative energy that permeates this planet. An Empath will quite literally absorb other people’s pain and sorrow like a sponge and it’s a hard job to do. The biggest problem is that after a while it really wears on the Empath and consumes their life because they may not be aware of how to release these negative energies and it ends up consuming them. Empaths are at a very high risk for developing mental health issues such as depression and bipolar disorders but it can be avoided if the ability is identified the proper steps are taken.

First, it really is not a good idea to be around a lot of people at once. Okay I know that I am supposed to give a tip or some advice about how to do that but let’s be real… the negative emotions you are going to absorb will overwhelm you and until you learn how to properly deal with them it is a good idea to keep a quieter existence. In time you can learn and it gets easier but until you can control your anxiety do what is best for yourself. Social situations or even going shopping cannot be avoided all together but keeping them to a minimum is helpful.

Grounding yourself is a MUST. Grounding yourself and giving those negative energies back to the Earth to be recycled back into positive energies is your job. You are not supposed to keep them stored up and eating you alive to the point where your life is ruined. Ground and Meditate as often as you can and I promise you will feel much better.

Don’t become a Hermit. Now I know I said to limit it but the last thing you want to do is shut down and become a total hermit. This really is one of the worst things you can do to yourself for multiple reasons. Avoiding social contact is very unhealthy for humans because we are created to be social beings because it’s needed for survival. Once you become aware that you are an Emapth you can start taking steps to do your job properly. Take your time spent socializing one step at a time until you get a handle on what to do with what you have absorbed. In other words, the more effectively you Protect & Ground yourself the more time you can spend around others without the torture of their burdens. Baby steps!

Understand your duties. You are lucky to be living in an age where information is so easily accessible. You can get on your computer or phone and quickly look up anything you want to research and more information is being added every second of every day. Find out THE FACTS about being an Empath and how you are meant to properly live and put it into action.

Life Tip:

The internet is full of Negativity and this is not good for you. You absorb more negative energy from reading your Facebook wall than you do in a supermarket. Yep, sorry but those Energies can be absorbed over the internet too. How do you think Psychics give phone & internet readings or a Distance Energy Healers do their jobs accurately? Watch the incoming and outgoing negativity in your online time. Just as others put it off for you to absorb it, someone else is absorbing what you put out there too! Invest in an ORGONE PYRAMID to place beside your desk or keep some crystals nearby or wear crystal jewelry for protection. Himalayan Sea Salt is great for absorbing negative energy as well.

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