Stressful Readings

It can be intimidating to give Readings sometimes, especially when you first get started. Even now there are times that I can pick people up as clearly as if I am watching a movie of their lives and then there are others that I just cannot read and everyone deserves a good Reading whether they are a paying client or not. It’s stressful! That’s why Psychic’s make such good money and that is why we must put it out there that our services are for entertainment only and we generally do not make promises.

The thing about being accurate is that when we start getting confirmation of how good we are doing our confidence in ourselves will build and that is when we work our best.

I had a phone Client not long ago that would not ask what she wanted to know and she just would not confirm anything one way or the other and when I was not getting any validation either way other than an “I see” here & there, it shook me! I was so sure I was failing my Client because there were no indications of any kind that I was getting anything right.

I hung the phone up and actually felt sick to my stomach because I felt like this may have been the worst Reading of my life. I was so nervous I ended up just calling it a night for paying Clients because I was doubting myself.

The next day I saw that I had a new review on my profile and I cringed and again got that sinking feeling in my stomach and didn’t want to see it but of course I had to look and guess what? She said I nailed it with perfect accuracy.until the last few minutes where I seemed nervous and just went completely off track.

I broke the golden rule..I let my nerves take over and they shut down my Intuition and ruined the Reading.You just can’t do that! I knew better but I still let it happen. But I did know what went wrong.

She was apparently under the impression that you are not supposed to say anything at all to give the Reader any leading advice, which is sort of correct but you have to use balance with it and let your Reader know if they are getting it right or not because we are human and we do get self conscious about our abilities from time to time.

I myself made the mistake of not just asking her if I was doing okay and I let my nerves take over and I ruined the Reading. I did give her the important information she wanted but it could have been much better.

So be sure to always validate your Reader or just let them know if they are off track if you are a Client and if you are the Reader and this starts to happen, just ask! Don’t feel that you are expected to have super powers because you are after-all just a human too. Giving and receiving Readings is a team effort or a partnership for best results and there must be trust between Readers & Sitters as well as trust in yourself.