Coaching Packages


Life Coach - Spiritual Guidance & Counseling 

Many people today are taking advantage of the wonderful ways that a Life Coach can help them in all areas of their life and they are thrilled with the results.

A Life Coach helps you with any area you might need help with and stands behind you making sure that you make the necessary changes needed.

When it comes to our own lives it's often hard to look at the situation objectively and make the needed changes on our own without additional support to see it though. That is one of the many things that a Life Coach can do for you.

I am one of the many who offer Spiritual Life Coaching services which is an added bonus.  I can help you with many areas of life including

  • Spiritual Development
  • Life changes
  • Recovering from Domestic Abuse
  • Life after Divorce
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Spiritual Depression
  • Recovering from low Self Esteem
  • Marital Issues
  • Life Boredom
  • Self Improvement

This is just a small sample of things I can help with and you don't have to have anything major going on to need a Life Coach, you may simply just want a change in your life or need help with your Awakening.

I offer Life Coaching with a Psychic Eye so you can go in the right direction and get your life on the path you are meant to be on. Psychic Life Coaches are in high demand because we can see exactly what you need.

Can you imagine how great your life could be with your own personal Psychic guiding you? 

About Me

I am Certified as a Life Coach, I am a Legally Ordained Minister in my home state of Ohio, and I am also a Certified Spiritual Counselor & Certified Energetic Healer as well as a Certified Psychic.

In College I Majored in Family Studies which is a Family Counseling degree and I minored in Business Management.

I am what is known as a Lifetime Learner. I proudly have a whole wall of Certifications and degrees

I have all of the qualifications anyone can ask for but that is not important, there are many wonderful Coaches out there who do not have any accreditation at all.

The important things are experience and the ability to connect with each other, this is why I require all Life Coaching applicants to undergo a Free Consultation so we can determine if we are a good fit to work together. 

What I can offer you is a package custom to your needs in the time frame you need. I do not offer standard pre determined packages. My pricing is determined by what you need and will be determined after your Consultation.