Spiritual Mentoring Services

Your service cannot be defined precisely on this page because it is custom designed to fit your needs.  

  • Awakening assistance
  • Third Eye development 
  • Educational instruction
  • Shadow & Negativity
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Astral or Dream decoding & records
  • Psychic Ability Training
  • Wicca, Gnostic, Christian Studies (I am a State Certified Minister in Ohio)
  • Spiritual Retreat Host
  • Other customized services as determined by Client.
  • Spiritual Web Business Coaching

The price of this service is $3,500.00 for an 8 week course for those who are interested in their own Spirituality.


Full Third Eye Development Course

I offer a private Third Eye Awakening Program for Clients who want to Awaken their Third Eye with the intentions of becoming a Psychic Service Worker. With the right information & guidance you can have your Third Eye open quickly and get started on your new job!

The Third Eye Development Course is a 6 week program packed with more information than most 12 week programs and you can learn much of it at your own pace. I designed this program to be easy, safe, and effective for anyone who wants to Awaken and start serving others. You get Live & Automated Lessons. 

The Price of this service that concentrates on the Third Eye and it's abilities is $4.000.00 for a 6 week course. You will learn everything you need to know about your abilities and operating a Spiritual Business. This is like 2 classes for the price of one!



I also offer a Quick & Easy 30 day Third Eye Opening Course starting at $500. See details



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