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Check this page for information on my upcoming Free Classes. Each Class on this page is a full lesson wrapped into one single unit not just a Masterclass.


There are currently no Free Classes scheduled. Please check back later for upcoming events.


Third Eye Opening

June 18th 2018

1:00 PM ET- 3:00PM ET

This is a Free Third Eye Awakening class that will be held live in my conference room. This is a full course in one quick session to help you Open your Eye. It is very possible to Awaken your eye on the spot while I guide you. Save your hard earned money and attend this session for everything you need to know how to Open your Third Eye today! - Most popular Course!!

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Hypnotherapy Session

Try this live Hypnotherapy session designed to help you get in touch with your inner/higher self. This is my second most popular lesson. Join me for a Free Mini Session.

Dates/Times TBA

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