25 Signs that you could be an Earth Angel

Earth Angels

Another form of Soul that incarnates on Earth are Earth Angels. They are a soul who has chosen the path that serves others. I’m sure you know someone who is an Earth Angel or you might be one yourself. Here are some signs that you might be an Earth Angel.

  • They are very service driven. They love doing anything they can to help humans, plants, & animals. You are very Pro-Life in all forms.
  • Life tends to be short, Many Earth Angels do not live to be 100 because they cannot stand being trapped in the human body.
  • They have a lot of Astral experiences. They have to do this because the human body is very confining to them and they leave it every chance they get.
  • They often are very wise and will often show extreme wisdom for their age. As children, they are often thought of as little adults. This does not refer to book smarts, this is common sense smarts.
  • People come to them with their problems. Everyone seems to want their advice and they are natural “Dear Abbys
  • They often live their life in some type of pain. This can range from being in abusive relationships to having chronic illnesses. They seem to always be in some sort of hardship and will live in either emotional or physical pain.
  • They have a very strong sense of purpose.Stronger than any other type of Soul. It may takes years to figure out this purpose and it feels very specific but you have a hard time figuring it out. Once you do it’s full speed ahead.
  • Struggle with addictions. They are usually “lightweights” and need much less drug or addictive substance to get a “buzz”. They are lightweights with alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, etc.. a little goes a long way and they tend to become addicted very easily.
  • They have a sense of wisdom about things you have never experienced. You might know answers to problems that you have never encountered but you just seem to know.
  • They cannot tolerate cruelty of any kind towards people or animals but will take on immense mistreatment themselves. It is perceived as them being tough enough to take it themselves, but inside they hurt more than others when they see or experience cruelty.
  • No fear of death They will take big risks because they do not fear death. They are by no means suicidal but they live their lives and experience things without the fear of death because they know they will not leave before their time is up and they know death is nothing to fear.
  • They give you a sense that they are specialwhen you are around them. If people often refer to you as an Angel because of your sense of character you might be an Earth Angel.
  • They are often Vegan or don’t like eating meat. If they look at a hamburger, they see a defenseless cow being slaughtered and can’t touch it.
  • They are very sensitive to other people’s emotions. If they see someone who is hurting they hurt with them, even if it is just watching a movie they can’t help but shed a tear when someone is putting off emotions.
  • They are big on the Truth. They do not like when people lie and don’t like to lie themselves. They understand that sometimes the truth hurts but is necessary.
  • They are very sensitive to things such as food ingredients, dyes, chemicals. Gluten or other food allergies.
  • Many have digestive issues such as IBS, Ulcers, Ulcerative colitis, lactose Intolerance, chronic indigestion and other sensitivities.
  • Very strong instincts. They get these really strong feelings about things and they are very often right. Even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at the time they just know.
  • You experience real and complete inner peace once you understand that you are an Earth Angel.  You feel complete knowing who you are and what your earthly mission is and you are ready to get some stuff done. Your Soul sort of wakes up once you understand your mission.
  • You are an Old Soul. If you are an old soul you just somehow know it within you and you carry that wisdom with you like a book of knowledge and you seem to have the answers to many of life’s problems. You can watch something happening on the news and have an exact answer for a world problem within seconds.
  • The only time you feel true inner peace is when you are within nature. You cannot completely relax in any other surrounding. You might live in the city and your vacations will always be within nature or you have lived in a remote area your whole life and can’t imagine anything else.
  • You are sensitive to bad vibes. When you are around someone who is putting off bad vibes you just cannot be around them. It affects you much stronger than the average person.
  • You experience a lot of synchronicity and use them to receive messages from the Universe.
  • You have known about this massive transformation and mass awakening long before other people figured it out. You knew something was changing and knew you were going to be part of it.
  • You seem to be in the right place at the right time to help people. There is a lot of coincidence in your life and it seems to work out a lot that you just happen to be there at the right time to help people. Often circumstance is against the odds that you happen to be there to help but you are.