9 Signs that you might be a Light Worker

Here are 9 signs that you could be a Light Worker


  • You know you are different– You might feel like you are just somehow different from other people. You might be the “black sheep” of your family or feel different from other people you know.


  • Despise government & conformity– You know that the government is laying to you, you know the news is fake and the world is corrupt and it pisses you off. It is an insult that they think they can pull the wool over your eyes.


  • Cant stand being told what to do– It angers you when people try to tell you what to do on any level. You do things your own way on your own time and pace. When others try to control you, you will rebel.


  • You want to help people, even if you cant stand them–  You really don’t like people and can’t stand society and the way people act and live might annoy the hell outta you, but you have the urge to help them in any way you can. You probably can’t figure out why you want to help people so bad because you might say “they were stupid enough to get themselves into that situation..” yet you have an overwhelming desire to help them.


  • You can’t stand it here & have a strong urge to be away from earth– You have no fear of death. You are by no means hoping to die, but you are highly uncomfortable on Earth and around other humans. You feel almost like you are just stuck here. You might compare your feelings about life on earth to being stuck on the side of the road with a broken down car with a dead cell phone and no help in sight.


  • Cant stand how people treat each other– You really just can’t stand how people treat each other. This is part of the reason you can’t stand society, you see that people are just so ugly to each other and it is so unnecessary. When you see people committing wrongs to others such as lies, betrayals, wrongdoings, hateful acts.. etc.. it drives you up the damn wall.


  • No fear of discussing spirituality with people– You have no fear of discussing Spirituality in front of people. You do not feel the need to hide who and what you are about from the world. You don’t worry about being made fun of or getting those funny looks or being labeled. You see it is anyone who doesn’t understand, is just an idiot or maybe you might feel sorry for them that they don’t comprehend. To you, they are like uneducated & clueless if they don’t get it so you don’t care what they might think.


  • Know that something big is about to happen– You feel the changes that are about to take place here on Earth. You feel the Big Shiftcoming and know that you are going to play a role in the changes. You feel that your purpose for being here is about to come into play.


  • You naturally want to see others Awaken– You do what you can to help open the eyes of other. You know that saying the right thing to the right person is like planting a seed and you hope that this seed grows into Awareness for the people around you. You may feel that this is your job, helping Awaken others to the knowledge that you hold. You are a natural mentor for the unaware.


If you are a Light Worker you know the changes are coming and you are excited to see them.

You are honored to get to play a part in this big mass Awakening and despite your aggravation with society, you are thrilled at the idea of everyone waking up and reaching their potential. You know that this world can be a much better place and could be downright beautiful if we would all just wake up. You don’t really dislike people, you just have no tolerance for the actions of people who just don’t get it.

If any of this resonates with you and you feel it in your heart that you are a Light Worker than yes, you are in fact a Light Worker. There are so many types of Souls that come to this world such as Starseeds, Rainbows, Crystals, Earth Angels, Indigos.. we all have a role to play and each is just as important as they other. We are meant to work together to help Awaken those who have not yet become Aware. Thank you Light Worker for everything you do to make this world a better place. It can be a thankless & aggravating job, but you got this!!