9 Signs that you might be a Starseed

The Interplanetary Exchange Student.. Starseeds

Starseeds are Souls that are from other worlds that have come to Earth for a new learning experience. 

Generally, when a soul Incarnates, it sticks with only one planet to have it’s incarnations on. There are now groups of souls from other planets coming to Earth for a whole new experience.

This experience has it’s ups and downs for the soul. If you have never been to Earth before, you are without your original Soul Group, which can be very lonely and while you are learning all kinds of fascinating new things about a whole new world, you are not in your natural habitat and it can be quite uncomfortable.

You might constantly have a feeling like you are center stage and everyone is watching and you are uncomfortable but there is a big reason why you might feel this way.


Here is a list of 12 signs that you might be a Starseed

  • You are spiritual not religious. You might not have any desire for church but you are deeply spiritual. Religions just don’t appeal to you because on your home planet you were used to something totally different.
  • You feel like an outcast. Even if you get along with everyone you likely feel very alone. Starseeds can be social and hide their feelings or they can be antisocial but either way you just feel like a total outcast.
  • You can’t get into any social experiences.This goes along with the feelings of being an outcast. You cannot understand why people act the way they act or do the things they do. Things that are human rituals just seem really odd to you. Your idea of fun or even just home & family life are very different.
  • You incarnated family is not familiar to youbecause they really are not. You have never met them before this incarnation. You may feel like you were adopted because you are just so different than these people. This is because you are here all alone and don’t have a close soul bonding with your new family. There is no familiarity between your soul and anyone else’s so it is not anyone’s fault, it goes way deeper than the human emotions you are feeling.
  • You have strong sense of purpose. You are here for a reason and you know it. You might be on a mission to learn all about certain aspects of Earth so that you can take this knowledge home to your planet and add certain traits to future incarnations at your natural home..
  • You cannot get comfortable in your body.You just can’t stand your body no matter what it looks like. It is uncomfortable and unattractive to you even if you are considered very attractive. It just isn’t what you are used to.
  • You are always homesick. This isn’t really home and despite what your brain is telling you, you know deep inside that you are missing someplace and something or someone.
  • You have had psychic experiences. You may have been born psychic or have developed it later on but either way, you have had some experiences along the way.
  • You have night terrors. Many Starseeds have night terrors to some degree throughout life. This is because when they have astral experiences, they are not used to incarnating back into the human body and it can be difficult for them.
  • You see aliens or somehow know strange languages. You may see alien life forms in your sleep or have weird dreams or visions of them. Some Starseeds even create their own language for certain words that are not any known language on this planet.
  • You have a very deep connection to animals.You are the ultimate animal lover. You would give your last bite of food to a stray, you would go to bat for any animal at any time and odds are that you might not eat meat as well. If you see an abused animal on tv, you might break down in tears or be deeply and emotionally affected. Many join animal rights groups.
  • You are more comfortable in nature. When this world and your life gets to be too much and you need a break you might head straight for nature. You find beauty in nature like nothing else. It brings you peace and contentment in your soul.
  • You have never met a Soulmate. It would be pretty high odds stacked against you on the soulmate deal, but don’t give up! There are many others like you and they are out there. If you can to know other Starseeds, you will highly increase your odds of locating a Soulmate. Remember, You very likely have a long life ahead of you and there are many people you have yet to meet and also, your children could very well be your soulmates too! Not all Soulmates are romantic.


So if you fit this description, there is a good chance that this is the reason why you feel the way you do. You are lost in a strange land on a learning expedition and that can definitely sometimes feel overwhelming. You must be one very brave soul to take on this task that is pretty much a brand new option. You are a true pioneer!

You might find comfort in locating other Starseeds for that meaningful connection here on Earth and if you are lucky, you might even encounter one from your home planet. The way you feel when connecting with one will tell you. If you are a Starseed and get a feeling like you have meet a Soulmate, you just may have met someone just like yourself or perhaps you may really have met a Soulmate …nothing is impossible.

Join animal rights groups or find ways to spend as much time as possible with nature to feel better on a soul level. Most of all, don’t forget that you got this! You might feel alone now but you are changing the worlds