Could you be a Walk In?

Have you ever thought that you might be a Walk-In? 


There are many Walk In’s among us and most don’t even know that they have stepped in to take the place of another Soul that has decided not to stay.


Here are some of the signs that you might be a Walk In

  • You have a sudden personality change.
  • You will have a lot of the signs that you are aLight Worker
  • You survive a surgery or illness that should have killed you with no explanation of your recovery.
  • There can be some memory loss, according to what the body went through before the exchange.
  • Sudden disinterest in things you previously enjoyed.
  • You suddenly “fall out of love” with a spouse, or quit a job you loved, or want to give up other things that were important to you.
  • You start taking up a lot of new interests or hobbies that you previously didn’t care for.
  • You may suddenly want to start serving humanity
  • You start feeling like you don’t fit in here or might be from another planet.


There are 3 known types of Walk In’s.

  • Soul Exchange– Where one soul leaves and the other one takes over the body.
  • Temporary Soul Exchange– The exchange is not permanent and the original Soul returns and finishes it’s other mission.
  • Soul Braiding – Where both Souls merge together and share the body to complete the mission.

Many times, the exchange happens because one Soul needed to have an experience but didn’t need to stick around for the entire life so this soul teams up with another soul who needs an experience without an entire life as well and together they make a plan to take turns with or share a body.

You might have heard about people waking from a Coma or Near Death Experience and becoming a whole different person, well there is a pretty good chance that is why but you don’t have to have a drastic experience to be a walk in. It can happen even while sleeping or during a surgery.

You will not remember the experience happening but as time goes on you can figure out what has happened. You will keep your memories and won’t normally forget anyone, but you just don’t feel the same.

If anyone feels that they may be a Walk In, I would love to hear your story!