Signs you are an Indigo Spirit

Are You An Indigo?

When I first read about Indigo Children for the first time I couldn’t contain my excitement. There was finally an answer to all of my questions and I was able to understand my Life Path much more clearly. I no longer felt so lost and was able to figure out just exactly what the hell my purpose was.

Us Indigo Spirits will stumble through life searching for an explanation and a meaning until we figure out just exactly what we are. Until then our lives make absolutely no sense to us but when we Awaken to who we are watch out!

When I figured out that I was an Indigo it resonated with me so strongly that I even took on a new persona as Indigo. My previous followers and Clients actually knew me by that name. I came really close to even changing my legal name but my mom didn’t like the idea too well so I let that go lol.

Here is a list of signs that I have compiled to help identify Indigo people. I will be posting a ton of information on Indigo people in the Guide to Life series. If you think you might be an Indigo hit the reply and let me know! I love meeting other Indigos, they make the best and most loyal friends!  

So here are some of the signs that you might be an Indigo as well.

  • Many were born in the 1970’s. That is when we first came to Earth to help shake things up and get things in order. Indigos are still being born today but the 70’s produced a huge mass of them.
  • You are extra creative. You can make art or music out of almost anything. Many Indigos are artists of some sort. When we are using our creativity we are at complete peace. The are often soothed by music.
  • You get frustrated easily and when you get frustrated it affects you much more intensely than most.
  • You have a fiery temper. You can go from 0-60 in a nano second and there is literally hell to pay if someone pisses you off. When you go into a rage it is hard to come down from it sometimes.
  • You question authority. You will not conform to anything or anyone.
  • You do not like anyone telling you what to doand you will take it so far as to do something that you know is not in your best interest just because someone told you that you shouldn’t. Indigos love to defy others.
  • Many are self employed or don’t workregular jobs because they can’t stand someone else being in charge.
  • They are often Empaths and experience empathy on a deep level.
  • You feel like a lost soul. You might spend your entire life looking for the meaning of your existence and if you do find that meaning you will dedicate your life to it with an intense passion.
  • They are Prone to addiction. Be careful about what you experiment with because Indigos are notorious for using substances to numb their feelings.
  • You are highly perceptive. We all get that built in bullshit detector but as an Indigo, yours is super in-tuned. Whether you call people out on it or not, you know when they are feeding you a line. They question everything.
  • You are first in line to make changes. You will do what needs to be done to change the way things are for the better of others.
  • You set really high expectations of yourself and others and expect those expectations to be fulfilled. You are hard on yourself when you don’t meet your own expectations.
  • Indigos are highly psychic. They may sometimes have trouble getting their abilities to Awaken but when they do they are more highly psychic than most others. Many Indigos have superior abilities. They are often labeled as having Supernatural Abilities.
  • Indigo children posses a strong sense of self entitlement and have no doubt that we belong here. Indigos often feel like they are more superior than others. They are not Narcissistic, they just have very high self worth.
  • Indigos have a very high level of integrity. Some do not practice this integrity but they have a deep internal knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.
  • Indigos are very highly intelligent. They are often much smarter than other people, but they don’t do well in school because of the structure and conformity. They are very often at genius level.
  • They love to read! Indigos will read anything they can get their hands on because they thirst that knowledge.
  • Learning is everything. They look for lessons in every aspect of life.
  • They are usually loners and don’t fit in well within group situations.
  • They don’t usually have much interest in Religion but they are very highly Spiritual.
  • Money means nothing. They would rather be happy than rich. They will live happily with a roof over their head and the basic necessities. Wealth just doesn’t play a big role in their lives.
  • They are often very mature for their age. Many will hang out with people much older than themselves.
  • They tend to be pushovers and get taken advantage of because of their kind-hearted nature.
  • They can be more emotional than others. While they get mad in a flash, if someone gets mad at them they get deeply hurt.
  • They never feel “normal”. They are just different and they know it but it is okay, their real friends will accept that they are just different and love them for their quirks & oddities.
  • Their entire life is about finding purpose and meaning.
  • No respect for authority. They might not ever act out against authority, but they have an intense disregard for it.
  • They have a dark blue Aura
  • They often have the feeling that they were “someone very important” in a past life. It is quite common for them to feel like they came from “royalty” and they are not shy to let people know it. (my boyfriend calls me “queenie”  just to piss me off lol)
  • They are natural Astral Explorers. When they dream, they really have left their bodies and their Astral experiences are very real. They posses supernatural Astral abilities that others are often not able to do.
  • They are often the parents of Crystal Children. I will be talking about them next..
  • They have an overwhelming desire to servemankind to better our world. That is what they are here for!
  • They have a unique vibrational level
  • They are very old souls and have been everywhere many times over. They have been on other planets and have existed since the earliest of times. In this life they may be relaxing and taking a break because they have already learned their Life Lessons a long time ago. They are here now strictly to help.
  • If you are getting all excited after reading this, like “omg.. I get it now!” your soul is being reminded.

Why are they here?

Indigo people are often misunderstood and hard to deal with and people who take on the task of raising these special people are to be commended.

The Indigos came here with a very special mission, which is to bring change to the world and they often make that their life mission. They are here to Awaken and show the right way.

Indigos have already learned their life lessons so don’t be surprised if you are an Indigo and have a seemingly uneventful life just trying to tell others what to do. They make great parents & forms of teachers and that is pretty much their lives.

Indigos are thought of as the most special souls that have ever come to this planet because despite the rough outer edges, they are here to make the world a better place for all of us. Many are now Awakening and finding their place as Spiritual teachers and leaders. While all souls are created equal and all have their own purpose, Indigo people have a very important job that not just anyone can do.

If you get the opportunity to learn from an Indigo it is in your best interest- I’m not just saying that because I am a Spiritual Mentor who happens to be an Indigo lol– it is a fact that many people agree on. We are here for the sole purpose to help others Awaken and bring much needed positive changes to the world.

There are still Indigos being born to this day so you may even be a parent to an Indigo and if so Thank You for taking on this task. They can be quite a handful. I know I personally put my mom through hell when I was growing up but she was very patient with me, more patient than I could have been lol.

Indigos came here in a mass group in the 70’s so many are in their 40’s now and are just learning who they are and what they are here for and getting started on their Life Path. Indigos will often spend their entire lives searching for the deep meaning as to why they are here and as soon as they figure it out they go on a mission with full force.

They are very real with their lives and don’t hold much back and will often tell others what to do but only for their own good. They will often tell you about their mistakes and experiences so that you don’t make the same mistakes they did. It can be annoying but it is for your own good. If you have an Indigo in your life try to be patient with them because they are here for your own good and you should be honored to know one of these special souls.