Tips to Find Your Soul Family

You can locate your Soulmates & Twin Flame..

First you need to understand that you will have multiple Soulmates throughout life sometimes and they can be friends, lovers, children, parents, or pretty much anyone. It is not always a romantic situation. You will only have one twin flame though and when you find that Twin Flame you will know it!

You are from a group that is commonly known as a Soul Family or Soul Group and in one way or another you will meet the rest of your family throughout life. Sometimes you will form long lasting relationships and sometimes it will just be a quick meeting or it can even be someone you see somewhere yet never get to speak to, yet you have these strong feelings for them that you just can’t explain. It all depends on what you put into place before you incarnated.

Here are a few of the signs that you have encountered someone from your Soul Group


How to recognize your Soulmate or someone from your Soul Family

  • You feel no tension or discomfort talking to them. You feel no worries of offending or saying the wrong thing. You can totally be yourself and not worry about judgement.
  • You can feel a strong love, even if it is not romantic. Remember that not all Soulmates are romantic.
  • You know that you were meant to meet and be a part of this person’s life.
  • You feel ready to meet them and give up current non satisfactory relationships to go find this person if necessary. This is something deep within your soul that tells you it is time.
  • There is total acceptance of each other, flaws and all and no judgement.
  • Their energy is often like a buzz for you. Being around them just makes you feel good and energized. No matter what kind of day you are having they can make it better.
  • You will feel their energy and know it is compatible with yours
  • You will instantly hit it off. There is no taking time to get to know each other.
  • You compliment each others strengths & weaknesses because you are meant to help and compliment each other.
  • Talking with them never wears out and you cannot talk too much. Not talking to them for a while feels wrong.
  • Feeling strong love quickly that makes no sense to you how it happens so fast.
  • You can not speak or see each other for years and still be close as ever.