Tips to find your Soulmate

This is an article originally posted on my Blog, Astral Awakenings.


Are you ready to meet your Soulmate?

Many people are still out there looking for their ideal Soulmate and it can be discouraging to keep having failed or unfulfilling relationships over and over again.

If you want the Universe to send your Soulmate to you it is going to take some work on your part. You will need to be in optimal condition yourself before you can give your best and attract the right type of person.

A soulmate comes into your life to love you unconditionally and support you and help you grow. In turn you will need to do the same for them so that you can help and support your soulmate in their life journey as well and that is the entire point of having a soulmate. You are completing each other and making two halves into a whole.

How to Attract your Soulmate: Your Guide to finding “The One”

  • Work on yourself. Get yourself in the right frame of mind and work on fixing your own issues so that you can be the person that they need. Your Soulmate needs to see that you are the answer to their prayers in every way.
  • Set a pure Intention to the Universe with nothing but positive energy that you are in fact ready to meet your Soulmate. Do not set the Intention until you are really ready, not justwanting to be ready. If you are not ready yet then wait until you are and be prepared for the fact that it may not happen right away. You don’t want to rush into it because you will miss out on the real deal if you grab the first person who comes along after you set the Intention and they are not the person you are waiting for.
  • Make your Intention deeply meaningfulwhen you ask.
  • You need to rid yourself of other relationships that are not in your best interest. This is not necessarily just romantic relationships, but if you take a look at all of the relationships in your life you will find that some are just not working anymore. Those need to go so that you can make room for new ones.
  • Don’t settle for romantic relationships that are not completing you. If you need to be single for a while so be it. As long as you are staying in less than whole relationships you are preventing your Soulmate from finding you.
  • If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you got.
  • Do not set physical standards too high because your Soulmate is just in a human body and that body may not be what you are expecting. Get to know the soul not the body.
  • Make sure you have completely ended previous relationships. You do not want or need any old baggage interfering with your new relationship.
  • Never settle for less than you deserve in a relationship.
  • When you meet them you will know. Your Soul will always know when it has met it’s match.
  • If you meet someone that you feel that feeling for and you think they might be the one, don’t be afraid to see where it goes. If you have gotten it wrong, it’s okay because it won’t take long for you to figure it out and if it is not the right one, don’t be afraid to walk away. Don’t waste time trying to force it to happen because if this person is the one for you, you will know it very quickly.
  • Listen to your Intuition
  • Pay close attention to how your potential Soulmate treats your needs.