Awakening Signs- Ringing Ears

Originally Posted on my Blog on 7-6-18

It can be annoying but it’s a necessity

During your Awakening you will at some point start getting ringing in your ears and it can be enough to drive you mad but hang in there because it’s a really good thing!

I didn’t notice it much at first until I realized just what it was because I have had Tinnitus and hearing loss most of my life. But when my ears started doing something different with no apparent cause, the first thing I did was research and surprise! It’s another sign of an Awakening.

Awakening ear issues may include:

  • Loud ringing which may come and go or be constant
  • Fluttering ringing inside the ear that may be accompanied by a fluttering sensation
  • A sudden feeling of your ear being sucked into a vacuum- it’s kind of hard to explain but you know it when you feel it.
  • dizziness
  • Inability to tolorate silence
  • Your hearing may get sharper or may decrease
  • You start hearing Spirit


Why this happens

Your ears are being fine tuned for your new Clairaudient abilities. It’s said that your Guides are upgrading your ears or that you are “downloading an update” to your sense of hearing.

You are being prepared to hear Spirit and you can expect that to start at any time once the ringing starts.

Many people, myself included only hear Spirit randomly at night when you are falling asleep or during Meditation. It is not the same pitch your ears are used to and it may not be a comfortable sound for you and a lot of people don’t like this ability but I personally love it.

You will hear people say some pretty strange things on a random basis. It is almost like tuning in a radio until you pick up the right station.

With practice, you can learn to communicate with your Guides or Loved Ones this way. Be careful about who you speak with and make it your Intention to only speak with those who are In The Light.

With clairaudience you do run the risk of communication with Dark Entities so try to use cation in who you speak with. Listen to your Intuition.

Some people can hear music or singing.. that would be your Angels!!!

How To Help Tune Yourself In

You know how you visualize your Third Eye? Well visualize yourself some new ears to tune up your clairaudient abilities.

I like to picture myself with big giant mouse ears sticking out just behind my physical ears. Trying new things with hearing is fun for people who are hearing impaired. My hearing damage is a nerve misfire condition and extremely rare. I hear things wrong sometimes because something goes wrong in the vibrations between my eardrum and my brain.

Let’s say you tell me to go fly a kite, I might hear stay the night..or you want to fight… it’s a genetic disorder that 2 of my 3 kids and one of my grandchildren has. So this is fun for me because I can hear Spirit much clearer than I hear human voices and there is no inability to understand like there is with my physical ears, but most people are the exact opposite.

Most people often have to strain to hear and understand Spirit voices. If you can hear them easily then you are one of the lucky ones.

Just be careful who you are communicating with and try to have fun with the process and most importantly hang in there with the ringing. It can be maddening but it doesn’t last forever.

Also remember that Ringing can also be a sign that a Spirit is trying to get your attention and talk to you. 

If you have a profound bout of ringing or fluttering, you might try to relax and see if you get any messages and thank your Guides for working overtime to develop your senses.