The energy of a Full Moon

Are you tapping into the beautiful Energies of the Full Moon each month? If you haven't been taking advantage of it so far, it's not to late to get started.

The Full Moon does seem to have an effect on our Human minds and bodies that can bring out the werewolves but it also contains a powerful cleansing energy that you can't get anywhere else.

Stand outside on a Full Moon night with your bare feet on the ground and you can actually absorb the Moon's healing and renewing energy 

Ground yourself into the center of the Earth, then accept the Moonlight into your Third Eye Chakra or your Crown Chakra. You can also accept it into any or all of your Chakras for an amazing energetic experience.

MoonLight Activities

Each month brings a brand new opportunity to catch some of those glowing rays. Depending on the time of year it is and what the weather conditions are, there are a ton of fun & relaxing things to do under the Moonlight. For best results, keep a Crystal or two on your body.

  • Go camping, and sleep outside of the tent.
  • Sit in the backyard and burn a little campfire.
  • Garden in the Moonlight!
  • If you don't have a swimming pool, setup a temporary kiddie pool and relax in the water with some Crystals.
  • Do a Midnight Meditation Session in the Moonlight.
  • Make Love on the ground under the Moonlight. If your partner is also absorbing the rays, it can be energetic magic.
  • Make a big batch of Moonwater.
  • Ski or sled on Moonlight
  • Go fishing in the Moonlight (catch & release!)
  • Build a snowman
  • Visit a Graveyard (a more advanced activity)
  • Watch for falling stars, air traffic, or anything unusual in the skies.
  • Call out your inner child and play Hide & Go Seek, basketball, Cornhole or any other outdoor games.
  • Eat a Vegan Non GMO Dinner in the Moonlight with a glass of Wine. 

Really, the possibilities of activities to do outside in the Moonlight are endless. Whatever you do, just make sure you set the Intention to absorb the Light.

If you are an Empath

Empaths especially need this cleansing energy to help refresh their bodies and minds. Empaths are put through the wringer on a constant basis and can greatly benefit from the healing that a Full Moon can give you. Do a Chakra Cleanse for maximum healing & energy replenishment benefits.

As an Empath you likely put others ahead of yourself in your daily life but taking this one night a month out for yourself will make you much more productive and ready to help other people.

If you are an Empath and you have the privacy to lay on the earth under the moonlight without your clothes for any amount of time or to swim nude, I promise you will love it.

People get edgy about this one lol.. but there is nothing in this world that is more natural than nudity & nature. Part of an Awakening is loving and accepting the body you were given.

Even if you cannot skip the clothes, do your best to become One With The Earth and collect your monthly dose of Moonshine.