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This is a full list of current types of Readings I offer complete with service information and pricing. If you need something more unique I may be able to help you, it never hurts to ask right? In most cases I am able to throw together a Custom Package that will fit your needs with an affordable price.

Choosing a Private Reader gives you more accurate results than calling the Hotlines and that is just a fact. A Private Reader will give you the time, attention, and accuracy that a Hotline can't and usually at a fraction of the cost. I know because I have worked for Hotlines and know how they operate. See my Reviews from Current & Former Clients.



Phone/Video Chat Reading

I offer Phone or Video Chat Readings in 30, 45, & 60 minute time-frames. The first 5 minutes are always free so that we can take the time to connect before we get started. By taking time to connect first, it eliminates the stress of just jumping into it on both our parts and establishes a better energetic connection

30 minutes- $50 + 5 Minutes Bonus Time

45 minutes- $75 + 5 Minutes Bonus Time

60 minutes- $100 + 5 Minutes Bonus Time

I combine Intuition & Spiritual Guidance and Insight to give you the best Reading possible. 


Email Readings

Not everyone feels comfortable to talk or video chat about their most personal problems or questions with a complete stranger- I get it! That's why I offer Email Readings. I can give you the exact same accuracy with an email Reading. With an Email Reading you simply ask the questions and I send the answers back to you and if you need more insight to any of the answers, I will allow for one Clarification email.

Email Readings- Up to Ten Questions- + 1 Clarification Response




Text Questions

I really love this one. This is becoming the hottest new thing in Psychic Readings and I have created a package that anyone can afford and will love! 

1 month subscription to my Text Service. You have 24/7 access to send a text and get an answer to any question you have about your Life, Your Relationships, Career, Dreams, anything you need to know with an answer within minutes! **

I will PERSONALLY respond to your text with real psychic outlook to your question. You literally get a Live Personal Psychic on the go. 

This is becoming popular and is even offered on the Hotlines I work for but here is the difference- I offer Unlimited Daily Questions. Instead of paying $30 per question at a Hotline, you can pay only less than $2.00 per day with unlimited text questions.  

$50 for an entire 30 days of unlimited text questions!

Since I do this personally with no automation and give real answers to your questions I only accept a limited number of Text Clients. See Below for Availability Status.

I Am Currently Accepting Text Clients


**  the term  "Within Minutes" applies only during the hours of 12:00 Noon - 12:00 Midnight. All other hours are subject to take a longer period of time because this is not an Automated service and I work other jobs and sleep sometimes lol. Same day answers within 24 hours of text are ALWAYS guaranteed or FULL refund.
                             Getting the right answers can change your life!

                           Getting the right answers can change your life!

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