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I do several things within the Spiritual Services industry but I still give Readings, Dream Analysis, and Energetic Healing Therapy. If you would like to book a Reading, Dream Analysis, or Energetic Healing Therapy you can do so below.

While I do work for Psychic Hotlines giving people insight into their lives as a Real Medium, I take my private Clients very seriously and use a much different approach when it comes to my Reading Style.

Before each Reading with a private Client, I take at least 30 minutes to prepare for the Reading. I meditate and channel into their energy so I can be more in tune with the Client and get a better sense of who they are, what their needs are, and connect with any Spirits who may want to present during the Reading.

Allow me to explain my Reading style:

I quite trying to "prove myself" long ago. I have already become well known for accuracy and honesty in my Readings so therefore I am not afraid to ask questions or listen to what you have to say so that I can give you a much more accurate reading.


Here is a Guide to Preparation for a Session with me


  • Be on time- I keep my private Clients on schedule so that if I have multiple Clients in one day they each get the time they deserve with combined preparation and Session time.
  • Channel before your Session- While it is not required, if you take a few moments to try to energetically connect with me before our session I may be able to connect with you better.
  • Make a list- You will spend your time much more wisely to make out a list of anything you need to know before your questions start. Make your list in order of importance and we will go as far as we can in the session with the time we have.
  • If you would like for me to connect to a certain Spirit such as a Loved One, Friend, or Celebrity you can let me know in advance for better results. Sometimes other Spirits may pop in on the Reading and I cannot control who steps in first. I am able to get the ball rolling ahead of time if you are in need of someone special to save your time if you request it.
  • Reading Style- I offer Phone, Chat, Email, and Text Readings. These services have different price ranges but each offer different benefits. Please see the Reading Chart for more information.
  • Stuff happens! In the unlikely event that I am unable to complete your Reading to your satisfaction (just like the rest of the world, Mediums do sometimes have "off days") I will give you a complete makeup session free of charge. In return, if you happen to be late or unable to attend your session, I will give you one chance at a Do Over.
  • I do not mess with Dark Energy- If you are looking for curses, black magic, evil spirits, etc.. keep on looking, I only work within the Light. The only exception would be Earthbound Spirits. I am always willing to help the Earthbound get home and into the Light.


To Choose which session best suites your needs please see the Reading chart below