Prayer Request

I am a Spiritual Mentor, a Third Eye Awakening Coach, and a Spiritual Counselor, but I am also an Ordained Minister and I preform Marriage Ceremonies, Blessings, and Spiritual Counseling. 

I live in a former Church and I kept a small section of it in it's original condition and use it for Spiritual work. Each night I say a Prayer for the people on my ever-growing list and there is room for you too. 

It never hurts to have someone speaking on your behalf, especially in your time of need. 

I am not a Religious Minister, but rather a Spiritual one. I do not separate by Denominations or follow any Religious traditions. I prefer to do away with the Religious Molds because we all are One. 


Donations to TPF Spiritual Services are welcome but not necessary.

I operate this website and a blog on a full time basis and my services are predominately free. When I Awakened and my Third Eye Chakra opened, I quit working outside the home and dedicated my life to helping Others with their quest for Spirituality. I only charge for Classes and Mentoring programs. All Prayers, Information, Daily Readings, Advice and other services are free to anyone in need.

Keeping this website and the Blog up & running takes a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. I do not expect or ask for any donations but the option is here if anyone should choose to donate and help me keep things going.

The current Goal

I am in the process of starting an Online Spiritual Service for those who do not desire to attend traditional Religious Churches. I already have many of the supplies I need to complete my goal but I still need some things to get started. I will eventually make it happen on my own but it can happen much faster with Donations.

If you would like to be a TPF Church of Spirit Contributor please donate above.



Talk to your Higher Power every day and build an intimate relationship with him or her. Trust that What Is Meant To Be Will Be.  If it seems that your prayers are not being answered, remember that it is with good reason even if you can't see it at the time. 

I believe that we created our own Life Path before we Incarnated and are living the life that we chose to live.

Have Faith that there is a lesson behind each experience that happens in your life good or bad and learn from your experiences to Advance your Soul.